Saturday, 11 February 2012

This photograph is taken during an early winter morning before the sunrise.

Few flowers coming out as a bunch; showing the beauty of their existence.

Vintage !!!!!

A beautiful sunrise from the church ....

Web for a spider, Eiffel tower for an artist !!!!!!! 

The squirrels enjoying their lunch at Green Park, New Delhi...

 Outstretching to taste the cream... 

The 'DEAR' view from outside the fence!!! Sensational look under the shades of the tree, on a hot sunny day in New Delhi.

The ever so strong and India Gate and the fast moving life in front of it.

My pencil.... that's it :-) 

Found a toy car in the backyard... 

The early morning scene near a village!!

The local train scene, taken at Chennai, at Guduvanchery station

One of my favorite's. The early morning dew settled so placid upon the web, just as pearls with the spider in the middle.  

'Yeah, gotcha', an early morning picture. 

A beautiful rose in my backyard!!!

The spider striding down with the trees in the background, wasn't that easy to make out but couldn't deceive the Canon.

The 'neon effect' on a tree with the sun burning red in the background. 

One of the calmest of pictures.... With the early morning dew on the bonsai leaves.

On top of the waves. Marina Beach, Chennai.

The huge truck, National Highway, Chennai

The car just spate past me at some speed. Couldn't really hold on to the camera as well, National Highway, Chennai

The early morning scene down the bridge at Tambaram, Chennai.

The HDR-ish effect of the fast moving life at the Tambaram bridge, Chennai.

The spider sitting back and resting on the huge web, was a huge piece of architecture made by the big guy!!! Late night photograph at SRM University, Hospital road, Chennai. 

Tamil Nadu Express, Chennai to New Delhi.

Seemed as if just skimming past the other train!!!! 


  1. nice blog bhaiya!!

  2. very beautiful collection....
    hope 2 see some more from ur side
    pls keep on adding pics like dis
    All d Best :)

  3. Very nice work bro.... Keep it up... :)
    My personal fav is that eiffel tower spider web...

  4. You r an excellent photographer with a good knowledge of what to click and when to click, as said "a photo is clicked by the thing which is 13 inches behind the camera", so you r a true example of it. My best wishes are always with you. Happpy clicking.