'River Ganga' in the Dry Season

Watching the Train go from the flyover on the far side..

The SILENT KILLER.. one of my favorite snaps. the sun just coming down behind the tree, the river so still and the clouds waving a good bye to the setting sun.. just wonderful to sight. 

Water ripples following the lad!!

The train smoking past the bridge with the sun in the background...

The horse-cart in water, was amazing to see it sail through the other end.

As Effervescent as it could get.

The river in front, the train rushing almost on top like a bullet, the sky so vibrant and the sun setting back and saying good bye to the beautiful day. that's what the picture says. :)

Another shot with some exposure changes.

The ever so important and magical Black and White version..

The local boy throwing stones in the water and enjoying the scene.


  1. wowwwwww awesum yar i jst luved it...........keep it up:)

  2. sahi hai .. :) the pics with the boy playing around with water are brilliant..! :) keep it up!

  3. You r an excellent photographer with a good knowledge of what to click and when to click, as said a photo is clicked by the thing which is 13 inches behind the camera, so you r a true example of it. My best wishes are always with you. Happpy clicking